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We’re a small shop for those with big dreams!!

Hello, and welcome to Swirl Jewelry! I hope that you would like to purchase something, have a great time and don't forget to leave a review on how you liked our store!! I am a small business owner that wants to make people happy and have a piece of jewelry to remember forever. Enter your initials then you will receive a customized piece of jewelry (coming soon)!! Thank You so so much for supporting my small business!! I really hope you buy something I just want to help the Idaho Humane Society

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What we do is we support the Idaho Humane Society and we would love if you did to!!

Also our products are handmade and need love and care and hope if you order that you can take care of them and give them the love that they need!!

Happy shopping!!

We are all Swirled with colors

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We have so much jewelry and hope you come looking for something to buy and we love seeing how many people come to our store every day!!

 We love to see our business and customers grow and grow!!

Love, Reese